Birthdays (2)

My birthday is not approaching anytime soon (which is a good thing because I will become so freaking old I’ll probably start seriously considering Botox, then I will turn into Nicole Kidman, receive lucrative advertising opportunities… actually I just decided my birthday is tomorrow) so I feel safe talking about previous ones. When I was a kid, and then a miserable teenager living with Mom and two brothers, my birthdays meant having Granny, Auntie, Mom and if I was lucky …Read More »

(Possible) Candlelight Supper With Ricky & Rocky

The first time I met Rocky was at a fetish sex club in Cologne. Except nobody told me it was a fetish sex club. I was under the impression that I was in a club and wondered why nobody else is on the dancefloor (truth be told, the DJ was so terrible even I only half-heartedly wiggled a bit out of sense of duty). I did wonder how come so many people come in but I actually SEE so few of …Read More »

Husby Doesn’t Understand Intoxication

There was this birthday once that we were invited to. Since it was Netherlands, we were all sitting in a circle with our beverages, talking. Since it was an anarchist twenty-something’s birthday, those beverages were NOT coffee. (Well, I had mineral water, because I am an anarchist anarchist and I go against the flow of those who go against the flow. I was also a hipster before it was cool.) Anyway, since we were a bunch of blokes most of whom …Read More »