Happy XXXmas!

’tis the season to enjoy and spend lots of money on presents for people you intensely dislike! So I thought I’d write about the one and only sex party I’ve ever been to. You’re welcome, Internet. The theme of the party was Leather Gayme Of Thrones, if I recall correctly. There might have been some XXX and cocks in the title as well. Since one of Husby’s MANY talents is making things out of leather and metal, he was kindly …Read More »

Husby Doesn’t Understand Intoxication

There was this birthday once that we were invited to. Since it was Netherlands, we were all sitting in a circle with our beverages, talking. Since it was an anarchist twenty-something’s birthday, those beverages were NOT coffee. (Well, I had mineral water, because I am an anarchist anarchist and I go against the flow of those who go against the flow. I was also a hipster before it was cool.) Anyway, since we were a bunch of blokes most of whom …Read More »

About Lady Parts (Trust Me, I’m An Expert)

Husby and me visited a friend in France a while ago for our second honeyweek. The friend is a Dutchie as well – I call him Geert because I am feeling particularly sadistic – and obviously watches Dutch news every night. (He lives on a mountain surrounded by wild bears and glaciers, barely gets any phone reception, his Internet is good enough to check mail once every three weeks and post is delivered to nearest village since postman refuses to do extra …Read More »