Save money the Dutch way!

Dutch people love saving money. If they find out eggs are €0.05 cheaper on the other side of town, they will bike in the rain for an hour to buy 100 of them, thus saving €5. Then they will forget they bought them and throw away 89 rotten ones two months later. But hey! They saved €5 for which they theoretically could buy something exciting! Like, a few more eggs. (That’s what they generally do.) It transpires I’ve always been Dutch …Read More »

Birthdays (1)

Husby’s birthday is approaching soon! Of course this makes me very happy. It also is very awkward for a very simple reason. We have a rule not to give each other presents for valentines (note lowercase) and xmas (note lowercase). We do, however, celebrate birthdays. And when I say celebrate I mean to say we tell absolutely nobody and hide at home pretending we are plants. Nevertheless, both of us participate and at some point the topic of a present …Read More »

Husby Is Not So Technological

We have a clear division of tasks Chez Ours. For instance, Husby does all ironing, because I am so lazy I never would. It’s very easy to train yourself not to notice creases in anything. I don’t wear suits and shirts which might be because you DO notice creased shirts, no matter what your degree of laziness is. My mom sometimes complains that my t-shirts are not ironed, to which I answer “you’re welcome to do it yourself”. I wish …Read More »

Fashion Advice From A Weirdo

I need all those to complete my 2016/2017 look. Because obviously we don’t have enough things. This post also doubles as “buy this for Ray because Xmas is coming, and Xmas is when you buy Ray things”. (I’ll ask Husby for a separate list.) This is a winter hat. Obviously. It’s a bit on the Skeletor being an extra in Game of Thrones side of things, which is awesome. You can take out the mask and remove the neck part but …Read More »