If I Could Change The Way I Live My Life Today…

…I would change like so many things you can’t even imagine, but not for long, because that’s who and how I am. We had the fifth anniversary where is this going sort of chat with Husby and he said that his biggest fear is that I would change one day. I was like, dudebrohusby, I have ultra-ultra-rapid cycling bipolar. I change approximately every six hours. I don’t even know how you recognise me when you come home from work. No, he …Read More »

Why I Have Missed On Goodness That Was Ben

Ben was a workmate of mine back in the Stone Ages when I had a regular job. I know! I can’t believe it either. I mean what are the odds of having a workmate called Ben? He was beautiful. Ripped, too – he was a semi-pro swimmer and I suppose he needed a job because of the “semi” bit. He liked taking his clothes off, which sadly happened very rarely because for some reason he didn’t do it at work. …Read More »

Love, Complicated

I am 39, therefore I have fully formed my idea of what love is and should be a decade ago or so. To create this construct, I used: exclusively straight relationships …that I’ve seen in romantic comedies or Sex And The City… …and Bridget Jones books. Most people would probably start by looking at their family. But seeing as my father was a serial cheater, criminal, alcoholic and left mom with a newborn when I was 14, even someone with IQ …Read More »