I am possibly a Norse Goddess

There is a story in Norse Mythology where Loki cuts off the golden hair of Thor’s wife, Sif. This is almost exactly what happened to me, except as far as I know no Norse Gods were involved and technically Husby did the cutting, although it was my own fault. The end. Edit: Apparently this needs further explanation, although I don’t see why. You will be shocked by this but I was not naturally born with blonde hair and black beard. …Read More »

If I Could Change The Way I Live My Life Today…

…I would change like so many things you can’t even imagine, but not for long, because that’s who and how I am. We had the fifth anniversary where is this going sort of chat with Husby and he said that his biggest fear is that I would change one day. I was like, dudebrohusby, I have ultra-ultra-rapid cycling bipolar. I change approximately every six hours. I don’t even know how you recognise me when you come home from work. No, he …Read More »


I HAVE A MANCAVE NOW, BITCHES. By this I mean we realised we’ve got an attic that we haven’t been using since ever. It houses a bed our guests sleep in (that would be about 10 days a year), my CDs and DVDs which I play 0 days a year and a miniature sauna we use when we remember it exists, which is rarely. Other than that it mostly contained mess. So now it has officially become mine. Once the …Read More »

Fashion Advice From A Weirdo

I need all those to complete my 2016/2017 look. Because obviously we don’t have enough things. This post also doubles as “buy this for Ray because Xmas is coming, and Xmas is when you buy Ray things”. (I’ll ask Husby for a separate list.) This is a winter hat. Obviously. It’s a bit on the Skeletor being an extra in Game of Thrones side of things, which is awesome. You can take out the mask and remove the neck part but …Read More »