Happy XXXmas!

’tis the season to enjoy and spend lots of money on presents for people you intensely dislike! So I thought I’d write about the one and only sex party I’ve ever been to. You’re welcome, Internet. The theme of the party was Leather Gayme Of Thrones, if I recall correctly. There might have been some XXX and cocks in the title as well. Since one of Husby’s MANY talents is making things out of leather and metal, he was kindly …Read More »

Why I Don’t Get Laid Much

When I came to Amsterdam ten years ago, I was basically Cinderella up for a rude awakening. One of the first times I went on a date the guy told me he’d like to have an open relationship. “Ooh,” I exclaimed, “how unusual and exciting!” He gave me a look. “Everybody has an open relationship in Amsterdam.” This was a rather novel concept for someone who comes from a country in which in 2006 you could essentially be Madonna (i.e. …Read More »

Not A Professional Cock Caster, Of Course

The first time I met Husby, who obviously went by a different name at the time, I was under the impression that I was going to see a world-famous artist, who was generally too important to even speak to me. Therefore I was very impressed by the fact he generously agreed to spare me a bit of his time which he could be spending on schmoozing with the celebrities and being interviewed by popular press. The only thing that I actually …Read More »