Save money the Dutch way!

Dutch people love saving money. If they find out eggs are €0.05 cheaper on the other side of town, they will bike in the rain for an hour to buy 100 of them, thus saving €5. Then they will forget they bought them and throw away 89 rotten ones two months later. But hey! They saved €5 for which they theoretically could buy something exciting! Like, a few more eggs. (That’s what they generally do.) It transpires I’ve always been Dutch …Read More »


We are currently trapped in a country the name of which I can’t pronounce (also I am not sure which continent this is) but it’s all good because Rocky smuggled some drugs the names of which I also can’t pronounce in a body orifice the name of which I would rather not reveal so we are having F-U-N-N with caputal U and will be back in a few days. I guess. Possibly. Shit. The drugs are either wearing off or …Read More »

Shit We Brought from South of France

In the previous episode we went on our second honeyweek to a lovely place in the South of France and watched adverts. We stayed at Geert’s – he’s been a good friend of Husby for quite a while, and is currently also serving his sentence as one of mine thanks to his stellar performance as host, advert presenter and, well, friend. Love you, Geert, you’re awesome. In fact *turns back to the audience* he is so awesome that he prepared …Read More »

About Lady Parts (Trust Me, I’m An Expert)

Husby and me visited a friend in France a while ago for our second honeyweek. The friend is a Dutchie as well – I call him Geert because I am feeling particularly sadistic – and obviously watches Dutch news every night. (He lives on a mountain surrounded by wild bears and glaciers, barely gets any phone reception, his Internet is good enough to check mail once every three weeks and post is delivered to nearest village since postman refuses to do extra …Read More »